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Your guide to the world of Web 4.0. Learn how this technology works and how to connect to it. This page includes both technical and non-technical articles, guides and resources.


What is Web 4.0?

Web 4.0 is a symbiotic web, where humans and machines work in symbiosis. The idea being the symbiotic web is that once the metadata is organized humans and machines can interact in symbiosis (with each other).

What is w4a.io?

W4a.io is one of the most prominent and active Web 4.0 open source community working on various web 4.0 projects

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How can you help?

If you are a developer, you can contribute to the w4a.io open source projects and contribute in progress of web 4.0

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FAQs on w4a.io open Source Community

How to apply for projects and internships?

To submit your application, simply visit the following link: https://forms.gle/LR5nNo5xEkjQL5tJA and complete the required details. Your application will be thoroughly reviewed, and if selected, you will be offered project and internship opportunities based on our discretion.

What will I get towards by code contribution?

1. Certificate of Contribution: When an open source developer makes their first significant contribution in a particular project (50 hours or more), they shall be awarded a Certificate of Contribution. This certificate will include their name, the name of the project, the type of contribution made, and the date of the contribution.

2. Badges: As developers continue to make contributions to the project, they can earn badges that signify their level of contribution. For example, a developer who has made 10 contributions could earn a 'Bronze Contributor' badge, a developer who has made 25 contributions could earn a 'Silver Contributor' badge, and so on.

3. Gift Vouchers: To show appreciation for their contributions, developers are awarded gift vouchers from various online stores or marketplaces. The value of the gift vouchers could increase with the level of contribution made.

4. Special Recognition: When a developer makes a significant contribution to the project, they could be given special recognition by the project leaders. This could include a blog post about their contribution, a mention on the project website or social media, or an invitation to join the project leadership team.

5. Swag: Developers could be sent some swag items such as stickers, t-shirts, or mugs with the project logo or name. This would not only reward them for their contributions but also help to promote the project.

What is the selection process?

1. Invitation: To participate in the program, open source developers would need to be invited to contribute to the project. This could be done through social media, email outreach, or through a developer community forum. You can also fill in the google form, if you don’t have any referrals.

2. Contribution Guidelines: Once developers express interest in the program, they should be given clear guidelines on the types of contributions that are needed, as well as any coding or documentation standards that must be followed.

3. Contribution Review: As developers submit contributions, the project maintainers should review them to ensure they meet the required standards and are aligned with the project's goals.

4. Recognition: Once contributions have been reviewed and accepted, developers should be awarded with the appropriate rewards as per the reward plan. This should be done in a timely manner to encourage further contributions.

5. Continuous Engagement: Finally, it is important to continue engaging with the open source developer community and providing opportunities for contributions. This could be through regular communication, providing mentorship, or hosting hackathons or other events to bring developers together.

w4a.io ongoing projects on Web 4.0

W4a.io is working on various web4. 0 projects. An incoming open source developer can choose one of the six streams we are working on and accordingly can get started on respective project within that stream

AI based automation applications (AI-apps)

AI-apps are digital applications that automates various day to day activities on any avenue from home to offices. W4a.io community has active projects on clean tech like automating heating, ventilation etc. of a building

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AI analytics with Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens are a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, that are recorded in a blockchain, and that are used to certify authenticity and ownership. We are working on NFTs for fundraising for a few AI-apps

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The AI Automation Enablers stack (IoT)

IoT devices are important for allowing AI-apps to collect or exchange data from real world. Our community actively work on creating IoT hardware and projects for implementation of various AI-apps

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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are immersive technologies that enable users to experience digitally rendered content in both physical and virtual space. w4a.io community also collaborates on metaverse projects

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Sector wise AI tech stacks (AI/ML)

From “marketing and advertising” to “physical and mental health”. Our community is very active to create end-to-end tech stacks for various sectors ripe for disruption with use of AI/ML in their existing web2. 0 applications

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The AI Connectivity stack (5G & Internet)

AI applications need high speed internet and consume for server bandwidth. Our community is also working on projects for sustainable implementation of AI projects with use of high speed internet tech like 5G

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Join Web 4.0’s leading Open community

From Open AI to Ethereum to Mozilla, there are various open source communities where one can contribute towards the projects. But W4A.io is the only community for developers where you can also lead projects as co-founders. W4a.io is when Open AI meets YC.